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Ba Jin

Ba Ji or “Eight Energies”, builds upon tai chi “5 steps” and together represent the “Shi San Shi” or “Thirteen Gates” of tai chi. The Ba Jin are: Ward off (Peng), Lu (Roll Back), Ji (Press), An (Push), Tsai (Pull Down), Lieh (Split), Chou (Elbow), Kao (Shoulder). While the Eight Energies are also postures in the tai chi form, they are also qualities or state of being.

At the early stages of learning, these are taught as postures. First the student learns the mechanics of the postures by holding the postures in a static position. Correction of body alignments are made and as the student practices, the body gradually creates an “image” of the postures configuration. Next, the student learns the postures in a dynamic state. Meaning that the postures are practice with movement combined with the footwork (Bu Fa) previously learned. In the beginning this is taught in a very physical and calisthenic manner. Later the student flows into meditative/energetic aspect of practice.