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Chan Si Jing

Chan Si Jin, Or Silk Reeling Cocoon Energy is a set of 30 Qi Gong excercises from Chen Style Tai Chi that trains the body to move in a spiral fashion from the feet through the legs, waist, torso and arms. The essence of tai chi movement is expressed through Chan Si Jin. Through tai chi practice the body is in a constant state of coiling and uncoiling, opening and closing, empty and full. These qualities are aquired and expressed through Chan Si Jin practice.
Reeling Silk
The Silk Reeling Energy principle derives from the way that the silkworm spins a cocoon. It is also taught that the metaphor points to the way that silk is pulled with a loom, in a spiral fashion. Regardless of which analogy one employs, the principle of spiral movement is the same.

During the early stages of tai chi study, the student is introduced to Standing Post (Zhan Zhuang), and to Silk Reeling Cocoon (Chan Si Jin) training.  This early level can take between 9 to 12 months to complete.