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Post Standing

This is the core of our early basic training. The Chinese term “Zhan Zhuang”, is a composite of two characters depicting a stake placed deep into the ground. It is often addressed as “Standing like a tree” “Pile standing” , “Universal Post” or, as we call our school, “Standing Post”.

The practice involves the sustaining of static postures for a determined amount of time. During the early stages the postures are held for a few minutes and as the student progresses the length of time increases. There are eight basic postures plus two additional postures I borrowed from Hsing-I and Ba Gua, two sister arts of tai chi.

Zhan Zhuang practice is also a form of meditation with the emphasis on cultivating stillness. The system belongs to the “Internal Training” or “Nei Gong” branch of jibengong. The outside is still while internally the Qi or life-force, flows through the acupuncture channels and collaterals.

In my Chinese medicine practice, I have used Standing Post methods to help intractable lumbar pain in patients who did not respond to acupuncture or massage. The mechanism lies in the realignment of posture to gravity. I have also prescribed the practice to ladies who wish for an alternative approach for the treatment of osteoporosis.

Standing practice is paramount for generating power in the martial arts while in combat. Through years of practice, the student learns to issue power from the ground through the body.

All students are required to learn and practice Zhan Zhuang in order to advance in tai chi studies.  The seemingly “static” practice of Zhan Zhuang yields “dynamic” results to those who persevere.

To facilitate Standing Post practice, I’ve made a recording of music to meditate by with the sound of a gong every 5 minutes.  Thus at 10 minutes the practitioner will hear two gongs and three at 15 minutes and so on.

It is important to practice with some means of keeping time.  If interested, send me an email with a request including your name. I will respond with a link to the download. Please note that this offer is made to students of Standing Post School.