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Squats, Deadlifts, Tai Chi Squats and deadlifts are considered closed kinetic chain (CKC) exercises. Meaning, that the force to overcome the load (barbell), is applied to an unmovable object (the ground) and not to the object being lifted. Very much like taiji.. fbernall 09/26/08 2 09/29/08
Kung Fu Nutrition I’ve been giving a lot of thought to a topic I’m labeling as “Kung Fu nutrition”. Can’t think of anything else to call it. As you know, the food pyramid encourages the consumption of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, as our source of fuel/energy for the body.. The recommended percentages of… fbernall 08/28/08 0
June 14 2008 As we are now entering our study of the long Yang form, I will use these pages to remind you of key points to keep in mind as you practice at home. Today’s tips are for the class held on June 14th, ‘08. fbernall 06/15/08 0
Musing On Standing. Of all the practices an internal arts practitioner ought to undertake is standing practice or Zhan Zhuang (Z-Z). In contrast to form practice, Z-Z encourages stillness and aims to produce more with less. By less, I mean external movement such as when practicing form of Qi Gong. Zhan Zhuang training… fbernall 06/11/08 0
The International Chinese Martial Arts Championship The International Chinese Martial Arts Championship took place this 2008 Memorial Day weekend. The tournament , produced by of Master Nick Scrima, celebrated its tenth year anniversary at the Gaylord Palms Hotel in Orlando, Florida. The event was well attended by groups from schools outside the USA including Colombia, Italy… fbernall 06/08/08 0
Our Condolences In behalf of Standing Post,  all Chinese martial arts enthusiast, Chinese medicine practitioners outside of China, we offer our condolences to the earthquake victims in the Motherland that gave birth to these arts we so much treasure.. Fernando Bernall Standing Post School of Taijiquan Saint Augustine, FL, USA fbernall 05/13/08 0
Roberto Sharpe fbernall 04/10/08 4 07/24/10
Zhanzhuang Gongs fbernall 03/05/08 1 06/12/10
Fu Zhongwen fbernall 12/26/07 0
Tung Yingchieh fbernall 12/26/07 0
Dong Style of Tai Chi fbernall 12/26/07 0
Ma Yu Liang push hands fbernall 12/26/07 0
Zheng Manqing Documentary fbernall 12/26/07 0
Zheng Manqing fbernall 12/26/07 0
Zheng Manqing Sword Form fbernall 12/26/07 0
Zheng Manqing’s Yang Form fbernall 12/26/07 0
Yang Sau Chung, son of Yang Cheng Fu fbernall 12/26/07 0
Tai Chi Yang Style fbernall 12/26/07 0
Gin Soon Chu, Dynamic Push Hands fbernall 12/26/07 0
Wu Style Sifu Tony Chan fbernall 12/26/07 0
Push Hands Videos fbernall 12/26/07 0
Muscle Or Mind: (was Power Discharge in Chen Style Taijiquan) fbernall 11/06/07 0
Power Discharge in Chen Style Taijiquan fbernall 11/06/07 0
Modifying CMC’s form with fractured patella fbernall 11/06/07 0
Constant Bear Of all the methods of training and the many Qi Gong exercises I’ve learned, the Constant Bear continues to be my favorite of all. While from the outside, the practitioner seems to just be swinging/twisting the body from left to right and vice-versa, internally there’s a myriad of processes going… fbernall 10/29/07 3 08/13/08
Does the school participate in tournaments? fbernall 10/29/07 0
What should I wear to class? fbernall 10/29/07 0
If I enroll in SPSKF’s Tai Chi class, do I need to do Push-Hands? fbernall 10/29/07 0
How long does it take to learn Tai Chi Chuan? fbernall 10/29/07 0
Does the school offer classes for children? fbernall 10/28/07 0
Is Tai Chi a Martial Art? fbernall 10/27/07 0
What is Tai Chi fbernall 10/25/07 0
FAQs about Tai Chi Chuan fbernall 10/25/07 0
Who were your teachers fbernall 10/25/07 0
How long have you studied martial arts? fbernall 10/25/07 0
FAQs about the Instructor fbernall 10/25/07 0
What is the school’s tuition policy? fbernall 10/25/07 0
Does the school give belts? fbernall 10/25/07 0
Does the school have a curriculum? fbernall 10/25/07 0
What does “Standing Post” Mean? fbernall 10/25/07 0
FAQs about the School fbernall 10/25/07 0
From Rough Framing to Trimming, A Push-hands metaphor Way back around 1972 I worked for a contractor in the Ozarks, C. Tal Wooten, who liked to keep the same crew to do both the rough framing of houses we built for him and also do the trim work on the same million dollar homes. For those not familiar… fbernall 10/06/07 0
Help Wanted fbernall 09/26/07 1 12/10/08
He Chi Chuan™ He Chi Chuan™ is a protocol. A step by step method for teaching and learning self-defense. It is an elegant synthesis of principles and techniques from various Asian martial arts with the end result being an effective approach to empty hand combat. A He Chi Chuan™ practitioner is in effect… fbernall 09/03/07 0
Xing Yi fbernall 01/01/07 0
Tai Chi Sword fbernall 01/01/07 1 12/18/12
Cloudy Day Tai Chi fbernall 01/01/07 0
Push Hands fbernall 01/01/07 37 06/29/19
Yang Style fbernall 01/01/07 0
Tai Chi Chuan fbernall 12/30/06 0
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