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Cloudy Day Tai Chi

Cloudy Day Tai Chi is a short form based on Yang Style of tai chi chuan. The form is a very short form that only requires a few square feet to perform. I learned this form from one of my teachers, Master Zhen Kang Sun in Newark, Delaware. Master Sun’s family is responsible for the creation of the Sun Style of Tai Chi Chuan and I was fortunate to have had him as my teacher while living in Newark.

Master Sun learned this form from famous martial artist Grandmaster Zhang Wenguan who was the form’s creator and the person who introduced Tai Chi to the Western world at the 1936 Olympics in Germany. It was the first time that a Tai Chi form was performed for an international event outside of China. You can read a little bit about this event here

Cloudy Day Tai Chi is taught to all students who have completed both the Jibengong and the Yang 108 postures form. Senior students are not required to have learned the long 108 solo form. However, jibengong is a requirement. To see a video of this form go here.