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Yang Style

The Yang style tai chi form taught at our school consists of 108 postures. At this stage we build upon the foundation laid during the jibengong or basic training studied in the months past.

The form is divided into three sections. Each section consists of around 18 to 25 postures each. Some postures repeat throughout the solo form set.  Careful attention is given to proper body alignments, relaxation, breathing, rooting and centering. Each student is required to learn the names of each posture. The set takes around 12 to 18 months to complete and the rest of our lives to refine..

My approach to teaching tai chi is very practical and physical in nature. While I’m aware of the healing, meditative and energetics aspects of tai chi, I chose not to focus on this items during early stages of learning. In my view, what matters in the begining is proper body mechanics and relaxation. It is only when the postures are performed in relaxed and properly aligned body, that the flow of energy becomes available through the acupuncture channels. To focus on energy flow in the beginning is equal to the saying “reaching the far while ignoring the near”.