FAQs about the School

Questions regarding the Standing Post School of Kung Fu (SPSKF).

  • What does “Standing Post” Mean?
  • Does the school have a curriculum?
  • Does the school give belts?
  • What is the school’s tuition policy?
  • Does the school offer classes for children?
  • What should I wear to class?
  • Does the school participate in tournaments?

FAQs about the Instructor

Find out more about the instructor and his vision for the school

FAQs about Tai Chi Chuan

These are questions I think a prospective student should be asking about Tai Chi Chuan. If you have a question not asked on this page, feel free to drop me a line.

  • What is Tai Chi
  • Is Tai Chi a Martial Art?
  • How long does it take to learn Tai Chi Chuan?
  • If I enroll in SPSKF’s Tai Chi class, do I need to do Push-Hands?